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Powder, Crud and Hardpack

195cm, 185cm, 175cm, 165cm


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Product Description

The Ambush is an incredibly light and strong ski. It has a rockered tip and traditional twin-tip tail. The bamboo sidewalls are super light while still protecting the ski from serious impacts and elements. The Ambush is effortless while ascending or descending your favorite mountain. A perfect backcountry ski, these skis are perfect for losing the crowd and finding hidden stashes.

100% Handmade in Tahoe City, CA.
Bamboo Core – Strong and Light
Bamboo Sidewalls – Lightweight, Natural and Strong
Hardened Steel Edges – A Steel Bumper Surrounding Your Skis
Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) – Rubber Shocks For Your Edges
Flex: Firm and Responsive
Art: James Farrell*
2-Year Warranty


Ski Length: 195cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 2283cm2
Tip: 136 mm
Waist: 112 mm
Tail: 128 mm
Camber: Regular – 140cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 28 Meter Radius

Ski Length: 185cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 2132cm2
Tip: 136 mm
Waist: 112 mm
Tail: 128 mm
Camber: Regular – 130cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 26 Meter Radius

Ski Length:175cm
Floatation Factor(cm2):2023cm2
Tip: 136 mm
Waist: 112 mm
Tail: 128 mm
Camber: Regular – 120cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 24 Meter Radius

Ski Length: 165cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 1808cm2
Tip: 136 mm
Waist: 112 mm
Tail: 128 mm
Camber: Regular – 110cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 22 Meter Radius

*Ski art on your monitor may look different than ski art on actual ski.

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3 reviews for Ambush – Find the Pow Stash

  1. Fik Tanagho
    5 out of 5


    The Ambush is one of the most versatile skis in today’s modern market. They are stiff so no matter how hard you press on them they press back. When you arc the ski they have a tendency to accelerate, but they rail with exceptional control at high speed. If speed is not your objective, the turned up tip allows you to butter and slarve at any speed creating a very nimble feel to the ski. The Ambush rides through crud with a surf like feel. There is nothing this ski can’t do: They float through pow, surf through the crud, arc at high speed with authority, and they are absolute slarving machines. I highly recommend the Ambush.

  2. Jon Dowdakin
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have the 195 and they shred. They like to go fast but yet still can turn quick. And they power thru the chop. They also crush in the light pow and the Sierra cement. Push them as hard as you can they will hang.

  3. John Corden
    5 out of 5


    I have the 185s mounted with 22 Designs Vice telemark binding. In one word, these skis are SUBLIME! I have had the pleasure of skiing them in a variety of conditions including: Canadian backcountry Cat skiing, Tahoe powder, chop and hardback as well as some Spring like conditions. Overall they have been amazing, light and versatile. As expected, they are a little slower edge to edge than a narrow ski but it is not a big issue. They work much better on hardpack than you would think. The big rocker allows for a short effective edge to enable great hold. The only caveat is that to get full performance on hardpack with a tele setup, you need to use modern technique (narrow stance with weight centered). Probably would work great for you NTN users. Overall an amazing fun and versatile ski!!

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