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The BLAZE was created out of necessity. We needed a super-light, versatile ski capable of shredding the deepest pow while still excelling in the park and all over the mountain. The BLAZE is all of our technology wrapped into one ski. They are crafted from Moso bamboo and triaxial carbon fiber, creating a light and poppy ski that is still very strong and stable at high speeds and rowdy descents. They have symmetrical tip and tail rocker, meaning they stomp landings switch as well as they do forward. The tail is only 6mm narrower than the tip creating maximum floatation and maneuverability anyway you choose to ride the mountain.

The Blaze is also the most earth friendly ski we make. Bamboo sidewalls instead of poly. Bamboo topsheet instead of nylon. Earth friendly, water based-sublimation dyes that are made in the US, (as with all our skis) instead of toxic inks. The only poly in the Blaze is its UHMW-pe 4001 Sintered race base.

Whether you’re into backcountry booters, pow laps at the resort, boot packing the pass, or skinning on a Sunday morning…Just BLAZE the trail!


Handmade in Tahoe City, CA.
Bamboo/Carbon Fiber – Strong and Super Light
Bamboo Sidewalls – Superlight, Natural and Durable
Hardened Steel Edges – Steel Bumpers For Your Skis
Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) – Rubber Shocks For Your Edges
Flex: Firm, Fast and Fun                                                                                Art:Josh Bennett
2-Year Warranty

Ski Length: 192cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 1956cm2
Tip: 128 mm
Waist: 102 mm
Tail: 122 mm
Camber: Regular – 137cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 24 Meter Radius

Ski Length:182cm
Floatation Factor(cm2):1849cm2
Tip: 128 mm
Waist: 102 mm
Tail: 122 mm
Camber: Regular – 127cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 22 Meter Radius

Ski Length: 172cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 1742cm2
Tip: 128 mm
Waist: 102 mm
Tail: 122 mm
Camber: Regular – 117cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 21 Meter Radius

Ski Length: 162cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 1596cm2
Tip: 128 mm
Waist: 102 mm
Tail: 122 mm
Camber: Regular – 107cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 20 Meter Radius

*Ski art on your monitor may look different than ski art on actual ski.


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