Slant Skis was founded in Truckee, California in 2007. We are 100% skier owned and operated and ski quality and enjoyability are our top priorities. We love what we do and it shows. At Slant, we’ve built our reputation on long-lasting, high-performing skis.

We started building skis because we weren’t satisfied with the ingenuity or quality of craftsmanship of other skis on the market. Originally we mostly made skis for ourselves. We made dozens of prototypes and experimented with just about every type of material imaginable. Now we have taken everything we have learned and worked toward over the years and we pour it into every pair of skis we make today.

Slant Skis has become known for cutting edge design, quality of construction, and the utilization of the most innovative materials and technologies available. Our goal is to make the best skis on the planet and we are constantly evolving with our eyes on the future.

We make a very limited amount of skis each year and vow to never sacrifice quality. We have so much confidence in our skis that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all Slant Skis.


We start with cores that we mill from vertically laminated bamboo, both strong and earth friendly. All of our skis utilize triaxial fiberglass above and below the core to increase torsional strength. In noted models we add carbon fiber below the core for added pop. We also use Kevlar in some skis for added compressive stiffness. For our bases we use DuraSurf 4001 Sintered base material, the fastest and most durable base available. We use hardened steel edges secured with vibration dampening rubber. On top we use sublimated graphics created by our favorite artists. Finally we squeeze a top-secret (US made) epoxy formula into every layer creating a durable, lightweight, and incredibly fun ski.


Floatation Factor (F2): Is the surface area of the base of a ski measured in cm2. There are countless ski shapes and this is a very good way to compare the surface area of all of them. Each ski model and size will have it’s own Floatation Factor calculated in it’s description. We believe this is the best way to measure surface area and compare overall sizes of skis, no matter the shape or type of ski.

Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT): A thin rubber strip creates a shear layer around the inside of the skis edge. This absorbs vibrations and prevents edge chatter. It also helps to keep edges from cracking while sliding rails and hitting rocks. 

Sublimated Graphics: We heat-transfer sublimated ink graphics directly into our topsheets and bases. This earth-friendly, water-soluble ink soaks into the ski and cannot be scratched off. Even if you gouge your base or topsheet you art will still be brilliant and clean.


Bamboo is one of the best building materials mother nature has provided us with. Slant uses sustainably harvested Moso bamboo in all of our skis. Moso bamboo has higher tensile strength than steel, and is harder than concrete. Wow! Bamboo is also lighter and stronger than any wood suited for building skis. No other natural material has comparable properties, making bamboo the perfect ski core.


All Slant Skis have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our warranty applies to the original purchaser. If you have any questions regarding our warranty please check out our warranty page or contact: