Our Process

We start with the finest materials available, sourced from the U.S. whenever possible. Here is some examples of our ski materials: carbon, titanal, fiberglass and topsheet.
First, we cut the skis' edges to their precise length based on which ski model and size we are making.
We only use sintered 4001 grade base material. This is the hardest and slickest base material known. It glides faster and is more resistant to scratches than other bases.
We cut out the base material and tack the edges in place along the base profile with special glue.
Next, we cut out our composite materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber. Stronger composite materials create a stronger ski while keeping them lightweight.
Lighter and stronger materials, like this carbon fiber, create a ski that is lightweight and superior in performance when compared to heavier, lower quality skis.
Next, we mill our ski cores. We utilize earth friendly bamboo in our cores. Bamboo is lightweight plus it's incredibly strong and durable, making the perfect ski core.
If the skis have UHMW-pe sidewalls (strongest available) they must be epoxied onto cores before they are milled down to thickness of tip and tail.
Stacks of Moso bamboo cores with UHMW-pe Sidewalls ready for CNC milling.