2022 Aviator | 116mm - 86mm - 107mm |

2022 Aviator | 116mm - 86mm - 107mm |

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NEW FOR 2022The Aviator was created for flying all over your favorite mountain regardless of altitude. At 86mm wide underfoot, these are the lightest and quickest skis we have ever made. A carbon fiber and bamboo core create tons of pop and energy in this lively ski that can take a beating. With a sintered 4001 race base and bamboo sidewalls these skis shred the mountain with earth-friendly style. The Aviator can carve aggressively on the morning ice, run zipper bump lines all day and still slide a buttery park laps in the afternoon slush. 

The Aviator is available with a flat tail or a twin-tip tail, depending on your preference.  

Handmade in Tahoe - LIFETIME WARRANTY
Bamboo & Carbon Fiber Core – Strong and Ultralight
Bamboo Sidewalls – Sustainable, Beautiful and Durable
Hardened Steel Edges – The Strongest Edges Available
Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) – Rubber Shocks For Your Skis
Flex: Buttery Smooth

*Ski art on your monitor may look different than ski art on real ski.


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