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Originally, The Hindsight was designed for US Marine Corp Snipers and was not available to the public. They were designed to be the one and only ski a Marine would need to excel in any snow condition on the planet. Lucky for you, these skis have recently become declassified and are now available to civilian rippers.

The Hindsight is truly a full quiver of skis squeezed into one do-it-all ski. They are extremely lightweight for asceding long distances while carrying heavy packs and gear. They have 25cm long early rise tips for rising above varying terrain with ease. The Hindsight has regular camber and traditional sidecut.


100% Handmade in Tahoe City, CA.

Bamboo Core – Strong and Light
Bamboo Sidewalls – Lightweight, Natural and Strong
Hardened Steel Edges – A Steel Bumper Surrounding Your Skis
Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) – Rubber Shocks For Your Edges
Flex: Firm and Fast
2-Year Warranty

Ski Length: 193cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 2016cm2
Tip: 132 mm
Waist: 95 mm
Tail: 120 mm
Camber: Regular - 155cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 23 Meter Radius

Ski Length: 183cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 1956cm2
Tip: 132 mm
Waist: 95 mm
Tail: 120 mm
Camber: Regular - 145cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 21 Meter Radius

Ski Length:173cm
Floatation Factor(cm2):1849cm2
Tip: 132 mm
Waist: 95 mm
Tail: 120 mm
Camber: Regular - 135cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 19 Meter Radius

Ski Length: 163cm
Floatation Factor(cm2): 1742cm2
Tip: 132 mm
Waist: 95 mm
Tail: 120 mm
Camber: Regular - 125cm Running Length
Turn Radius: 17 Meter Radius

*Ski art on your monitor may look different than ski art on actual ski.

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